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The Wrong Waiter
It’s been a long time since Rainer turned twenty. He still lives with his parents and hasn’t done a day’s work all his life.

His mother has finally succeeded in persuading Monsieur Antoine, the owner of a restaurant, to take on Rainer as an apprentice. But is he up to it?

Monsieur Antoine is a shining example. He is patient, sympathetic and treats Rainer like a son. He will turn his benevolent attention to his guests as well as to his apprentice.

Rainer is not very talented. He does not pay proper attention, lacks a sense of tact and etiquette, he is timid and his speech is often no more than a mumble. He does not really seem to understand what is expected of him. He would much rather be a musician, and play the harmonica, the piano or the drums. Or be a dancer, perhaps.