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„A world without fools, what kind of a place would that be“ (Goethe)

Welcome to the crazy, bizarre, zany, and a seriously funny world of Pierre and Roger, the savoury twosome of clowns, aka (below) PuR. We are so different from each other that you are bound to love one of us. The short and or the tall one, the tunesmith or the juggler, the snazzy or the clumsy one. A wise fool or a stupid jester. But which of them is dumb and which is wise? Once you take a closer look, the contours become blurred, the characters take on a different complexion. Roles keep being shuffled about, at random, it may seem, yet with deft precision. The characters acquire new facets, and gain in depth and complexity.

PuR is a sophisticated brew of performance, comedy and charme. Entertaining and beguiling.

PuR strive to accommodate your every wish. Do you want an evening's worth of entertainment for grown-ups or rather some exciting fun for big and small alike? Had you rather watch PuR on stage, or make a closer, acquaintance of the two?

The following pages feature some highlights of our work. And remember: Book us, and we'll see you right because we get everything wrong.